Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something Not-So-Cute

(Picture is from here)

Can you believe people actually dress there dogs like this? Look at its face. It's just so ashamed.

Anyway, I was just writing something because I haven't written something in a while. This dog is not so cute. More sad. But I thought I would put it up anyway. Having to much of a break makes me a little rusty.

I had a good Christmas, as I hope everyone who celebrates it did, too. Went to Texas to visit with family. Played some pool and saw a steer and drank some wine. Other things too, but to hard to remember. Fun time.

I've been thinking about some heavy things lately. A few topics to bring up here, but that is for another time. Tonight, I just wanted to touch base and show this dog who may or may not have tried to bite through its own wrists after this picture was taken--just to end the humiliation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Battle of the Bureaucracy

For the last month or so I have been working hard to get my Magazine, New Stone Circle (everyone should go look at it), not-for-profit status. It is really hard to move through the crap--file this here, give this place $50, mail this 500 page report here. It's a lot of bureaucracy to move through. I wouldn't have even started if it wasn't for this website I got from the nice people at CHIRP (you should go there, too).

I thought maybe I should keep track of my escapades with my blog. Unfortunately, now I'm almost done. I hope. But if anyone is looking into making that sort of company, you should definitely look at this website. It is a tremendous help. There are a few things missing. Nothing I didn't figure out by completing the step before, but it was a little unnerving to not know something was coming up.

I still can't shake the feeling that I am doing something completely wrong. I'm afraid that I'm accidentally creating like a hundred cooperations I will have to pay taxes on. Or maybe I'm hiring illegal immigrants in a sting operation I am unaware of.

Let's hope none of that is true.

So far all I have left to do is apply for tax exemption. I'll let you know what becomes of it. Hopefully I'll be done soon and will then be able to move onto more important things.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cute!!! (It's been a while)

Publish2 Contest and Other News . . . um . . . news


Above is a badge with a link to my entry in the Publish2 contest. I think it's pretty good and I am pretty proud of myself. If you would please read it and rate it, I would be much obliged. (That's something people say, right?) While I would love it if you agreed with me and rated it high, please don't feel like you have to. If something doesn't look right tell me. I would like to have a discussion on this topic.

Also besides holding contests, Publish2 is a pretty cool social networking/news aggregator/something-something new media. I have been trying it out for a week or so and I still don't have it all figured out. It seems pretty big and a little confusing. Let me know what you think about that, too.

Comment. Comment. Comment. Please.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well that didn't take long . . .

Forget my old post saying Chicagoans are walking around happy. Our dear fearless leader Gov. Rod Blagojevich ruined that right quick. Here is the Chicago Tribune's covearge (Keep in mind, Blago tried to get the editorial board fired so they have a bit of a bone to pick with him. Not that any of this is a lie. Just keep it in mind.)

Any good-will collected by my city, from the last election, has been broken by our Gubernatorial foul mouth. Sure it's sad to see our state become the butt of so many jokes, but what I find most insulting is that our elected official sounds like a 10 year old just out of ear shot from his parents.

It's interesting to note, the day after the Presidential election was sunny and clear and happy. The day after the Governor's perp-walk was dingy, cold morning. Is the universe trying to tell us something? No, not at all. The weather and our political system have nothing to do with each other. It's just interesting to note.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I saw this outside my window the other day and felt compelled to photograph it. The building used to be a home for the old, I think. But a few months ago, before it got cold, they tore it down to build some big condos.

People who are bothered by Graffiti tend to explain their feelings with one of two categories. The Broken Window syndrome: in which a broken window left unattended will lead to gradually harsher crimes. There has been scientific research to back up this idea.


Graffiti artists use other people's property as there own canvas.

But, when the building is sitting destroyed for months, what is there to complain about.

The person who owns the building obviously don't care about the original building or they wouldn't try to replace it. And if a broken window leads to other crimes, what would could a broken building lead to?

I guess I'm just making a leap of faith. I have not heard anyone complain about this graffiti, but I'm sure someone dislikes it. This is really just some thoughts running through my mind. And also taking the pictures was an exercise in moving outside of my comfort zone.

Anyone else have thoughts?

My blog is huge.

I just noticed a huge jump in people looking at my blog (well, huge, really it was a jump from 10 a day to 35 today).

Anyway turns out someone from the linked a picture back to me. They found the really cute picture of the Mexican Walking Fish on my blog and cited me. Like I was a real expert on cute things.

Looks like a pretty good article. And hello everyone coming from the Can y'all fit?

Monday, December 01, 2008

World of Goo

This weekend I've been home for Thanksgiving and my Birthday. I've been able to hang out with my younger brother Ellis. The other day, Ellis bought World of Goo for his Wii. He put it pretty well when he said "This is the best game ever!"

Maybe not the "best game ever," but it is Pretty Fucking Close.

In the game, you move these little balls of goo that connect to each other to make structures. The structures need to be strong enough to travel to a pipe that sucks up any extra goo's. It's a really simple idea that is designed really well.

Each level is nicely even. I have yet to hit a level that is so hard it stops being fun, but they're not too easy ether. The writing is great, too. The mysterious sign maker keeps making signs that continue the story line. The signs are funny and self deprecating. And they lovingly poke fun at the gaming community and Internet culture.

My only complaints are really only annoyances that come from this type of game play. There are little fireflies flying around that reverse time to go back a turn; they are incredibly easy to hit accidentally. And sometimes, in the excitement of the game, it is easy to pick up the wrong piece of goo. When the structure of your goo tower is failing, it can be a little frustrating to pick up a water goo when you wanted a green one.

I would like to see more downloadable content from them, with new levels and new goo's. The game is a little quick (I think I have 2 more levels left). But it is fun.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I just want art in my mailbox.

I don't think I have talked about this before, but in the last few months I have been working on a project. It is not anywhere near completed but I do need your help.

For years, my mom worked on her own Literature magazine. I have decided to take it over and make it my own. So far we (me and some friends/editors) have our website up Like it says, we are far from the printing press, but we are looking for submissions. Send us your work (Look at our submission guidelines for what and where to send). Tell friends who like to write or draw, maybe they would like to submit. Send us a donation (we are in desperate need of some money before we can get to much more). But you might want to wait for us to get nonprofit status so it's tax deductible for you. Just help us out and we promise to bring you something very enjoyable in the very near future.

I'm really excited about this and I can't wait to read your stories.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bulls Testicles and Pig Blood

I assume the title will make everyone dry heave. I'll give you a moment.

. . .

Done? Good.

I'm interested in why most people would have such a problem eating this type of food. There are cultures who don't see a problem with eating the balls of a male cow. A few generations ago, you would have seen nothing wrong with it ether. Something has changed to make parts of the animal like blood a taboo.

I think it comes from our gradual movement to an urban society. We rely on other people to deal with our food. In the past, people who wanted to eat some bacon had to go out and kill the pig first. Now people who want bacon just have to cross the street and pick up shrink-wrapped and precut bacon.

Now, people are soft (a phrase I would rather not use, but just might have to). The idea of killing an animal is so disturbing because it has been bred out. When it was second nature, we didn't waste any part of the animal. Blood and organs were not offensive like they are now.

I have never been one to become nostalgic for a bygone day, and I'm not doing so right now. I am more arguing for new experiences. I'm not talking from experience, myself. I have not killed my own animal; seen an animal slaughtered; or even gotten to know an animal and found it on my dinner table. But It seems like a more healthy life. Perhaps watching death would make us think twice about what we eat.

The Reader has a great article in this weeks paper, kind of about this issue.

I'd like to be able to experience this for myself. It's sounds like a of part of the slow food movement, which is something I've been skeptical about. Maybe I'm changing my mind.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Call

I just got a call from some guy. When I answered he said "Hunny?!?" I said hello again. "Who is this?" he asked clearly befuddled and a little mad.

Do you think he thinks his "Hunny" is cheating on him. One can only hope, hmm.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cute! Part Deux

About a year ago, I found a picture of some sort of swimming salamander/fish with legs/smiling cuteness. I didn't know what it was or if it was even real, but I figured it should be on my blog.

Here's the picture if you don't remember.

Today I found this article on Apparently, it is real and it's called Axolotls (ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) or "Mexican walking fish." And says the Axolotls "is seriously threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and water pollution."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hell of a Day to be in Newspapers

Update: The first run of Chicago Tribune's paper yesterday was at 690,000 copies, with a rerun of 410,000 extra copies, said the Tribune. Today, they will sell more copies at convenience stores. Here's the link.

I don't think there is an unclaimed copy of the Tribune, Sun-Times or Red Eye left in the city. And I wanted to read today's paper. Ok ok and maybe I wanted to keep something as a memento.

I heard that they were selling reprinted copies downtown at the Tribune Tower. I went down and ran into this . . .

They said they were selling posters of the front page for $3 and something just came over me. Money exchanged hands and I was told there would be a 10 minute wait for the actual paper. I waited with about 50 other people inside what can only be called the Gothic Cathedral of my kind. A huge room with high ceilings and notable quotes of famous journalists written into the walls.

After a 15 or 20 minute wait a woman came in calling out that the truck was on the bridge. Her declaration met with applause. The truck rolled up and a few burly men ran in with papers in hand.

Really I just wanted to read the newspaper.

Second City Syndrome

Last night we all watched history being written. I could almost see myself telling my grandchildren what I was doing when Obama was elected President. But the intricacies of the historical context should be discussed in another blog, by another more knowledgeable person. I can only talk about what I know best: living in Chicago and feeling inadequate.

Today, November 5th, is the happiest day for Chicago. Today seems brighter, the air smells better, people are more polite. People don there Obama '08 T-Shirts and walk around smiling. I was on the bus today and people were laughing. The bus driver was joking with the passengers.

This city has always been talkative. Chicago is a Midwestern sensibility with a large population. Strangers will always tell you what they do or do not like about you. But todays seemed less crabby; less of the do not and more of the do. This comes from the destruction of what is called the Second City Syndrome.

The Chicago contradiction is that we think the Midwest consists of only Chicago, but we think we are always second best. "Where Chicago goes, Illinois goes," probably should be our mantra. But we will never meet the expectations of a New York or a San Fransisco.

This is how we Chicagoans think, but our minds are changing. Last night we saw the countries newest President Elect give his acceptance speech in our backyard. We saw our beautiful city on TV sets across the world. Obama is a person who cut his political teeth helping make the South Side a better place to live and he calls Chicago his home.

Chicago has always been on the map, but now it is in our minds. Now we can see what a wonderful city it really is.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Zombies and Reality TV

In my small sample of British TV I've been able to digest, I've noticed a recurring theme. It seems the British like there TV with heavy meta aspects. Last year, I think, I watched a bit of a show I can't quite remember about the writers of another show, that I can't quite remember. This week has another meta mini-series, Dead Set. Basically, 28 Days Later if it took place on The Big Brother set.

Zombies and Reality TV, that sounds awesome. The show seems to ask if you want Reality TV stars to be some of the last humans alive in the Zombie apocalypse. It doesn't seem like it.

Over all this show is great. It's scary and jumpy when it when it needs to be. (I've been watching it late at night with the lights off and my stomach hurts from being tensed so much) The only problem I have is the over use of the trendy shaky cam technique. It makes sense in a chase scene but when characters are being develop the camera man with Parkinson's probably shouldn't shoot the scene.

The series only ran for this week and ended today on Halloween. So far I've only watched through the 3rd episode.

The first episode blew me away. And maybe because it was so good, the next two episodes seemed to be like a parody of the show. Not that it was funny, it just didn't hit as completely as the first episode.

I definitely love watching it. And I want more like it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

iPod Games

I downloaded and paid for my first real iPod game a little while ago: Square Enix's Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes. This seems like the only real game for the iPod video, too.

You play as Ziggy, who is a Conductor and creates Tune Troopers to fight against evil robots. Zero, your brother, gets kidnapped and you need to save him. So you wait five years and then go out to find him. If I was Zero I would be a little pissed if my brother waited five years before saving me. Really? That's an awful long time.

The cool, kind of trap of the game is you use the songs on your iPod to make Tune Troopers. This is why I bought the game. I wanted to see how this worked. Unfortunately, it really seems to be randomly generated characters. The tempo or volume level of the song doesn't seem to effect the type of fighter created.

The controls are god awful, too. The iPod click wheel was not made to be used this way. It's clunky when it's inconvenient and slippery, too. Basically, the iPod touch would have a better control system, but it's not made for the touch. And I don't know why.

The story is solidly an RPG story. Robots try to take over the world and humans need to fight back. Only one person has the ability to fight back and he must save all the good in the world. Beyond that the RPG is really simple. It's not good but it's not bad either. Or it is bad, but it's on the freaken' iPod.

Over all the game sucks, but for $5 it's nice. Also it's nice to play on the bus when I have an hour to kill and 50 strangers in my personal space.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

TV Shows

I've been watching The Clone Wars. I assume it's the Cartoon Network show fallowing the movie that recently came out. It's entertaining, and the animation is ok. What's fun about it is you can see the cannon from in between the main movies. What's annoying is that there are a lot of stupid jokes. Droides and any unimportant characters are always saying something quick-whited and cutesy.


I wrote about a pretty good British show called Life on Mars a long time ago. Now, in the great American TV way, Life on Mars has been transformed into an slightly crappier American show. The first episode was basically a shot for shot recreation of the first British episode, except it was based in America. There is really no need for this show, but it is.

Windy City Comicon

I went to the First annual Windy City Comicon.

I guess Chicago is big enough to have its own Comicon. Why not earlier?

It was fun if not a little small. Seriously, only one guy dressed up like a storm trooper? Does it really count as a Comicon then?

I bought 3 comics for myself for $1 each. I honestly went there not wanting to spend any money but only a $1 for a comic book . . . and I had 3 in my pocket. Sounds like kismet to me. I got one "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD,""The Invincible Iron Man" #153 and "New X-Men" #130.

Keep in mind I know nothing about comics. I didn't grow up reading them or even read them in high school, when a nerd is supposed to come into his own. (Maybe this means I can't call myself a nerd anymore)

All and all, I had fun and I'm glad I could go. Good on Chicago for getting a Comicon and becoming a real city.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fat Suit

What is it about famous Black comedians in there 40's, that compels them get into a fat suit for comedy. I watched D.A.G.'s new Comedy Central show, Chocolate News, the other night. I thought it was going to be a humerus African American perspective on the news today. Sort of a Colbert Report only less white.

I was excited for that. And it started out pretty good, with a funny rant about Hip-Hop being dead. But then he brought out the makeup and body prosthetics. Maya Angelou one minute, some old guy the next, a gross rapper after that. Really?

David Alan Grier was funny. Why does he need to make the same noise dive into concrete as Eddy Murphy?

This could have been good, too. It could have extended the Daily Show/Colbert Report hour into an hour and a half Chocolate News/Daily Show/Colbert Report news explostion. Instead Fat Suits.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising"

I watched Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising" the other day. The movie is free to download iTunes for now. And everyone seems to think it's great to see big name movies online for free.

In my youth I was really into Michael Moore/liberal/Bush-bashing. I probably considered myself a punk and I think I liked to finally have the ability to say no. "No, I don't like the President's opinion," I would have said many times not really knowing what his opinion really was. (Not that I agree now, but I know more then before)

So I liked Moore's books and movies. I went to see Fahrenheit 911 and enjoyed it. I wrote an embarrassingly biased report on Moore in high school. I thought I was sticking it to the man.

That all being said, this movie is awful. It's boring. It's slow.

All it is is a camera following Moore on his Slacker Uprising tour, 60 cities before the 2004 election. He rails against everyone. It's everyone else's fault. The media is biased, conservatives are honorable, the public is stupid. These are the feelings I get from the movie and I think I'm just tired of that.

It's also a little annoying to think that the money he gets from even one speech probably paid for the production coast. That doesn't make me feel great about it being distributed for free. It makes me feel worse that eventually someone will pay money.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

In my few years of learning what Journalism is, I've stumbled upon this truism that works for both Journalism and Science. Journalism, and Science, is the search for truth. Science being the truth in the natural world and Journalism the truth in everything. Why, if they are so closely identifiable, do they not work well together?

The controversy most famous in the last few years, that made my heart bleed from the journalistic incompetence shown by many in the media (which is a bloated term I hate using), is Global Warming. While liberal and conservative pundits, politicians and people on the street argue over if its real, scientists know for a fact that it is. Conservatively its not as clear cut if it was our fault or if we can do something about it. But the constant debate over weather or not Global Warming is real spreads the untruthful idea that it is a matter of opinion.

Recently, another debate raged around the scientific community and I had a conversation with someone that made me think about this issue. A few weeks ago the Large Hadron Collider was turned on. The debate over mini-black holes made national news. The conversation I had was with someone who worked in the Media for a long time. We started to talk about the LHC during class and he said something about how it could destroy the world. I raised my hand and said "But to be fair, no Scientists actually believe that will happen." And he said that I should listen to NPR. This made another student question why turn on the LHC if there is even the possibility of a problem. To answer her, there is no possibility. The black holes are too small to do anything and the reaction happens naturally anyway.

The idea that a Scientific debate needs two sides sounds right, but can be very wrong. Science is always right according to the evidence available and an opposing opinion can be only based on faith. While its not wrong necessarily, faith is not science.

No one is really at fault here, everyone is just using the same flawed information. But if the idea of Journalism is to spread truth, then any non-truth ultumitly destroys Journalism.

This is a bit text heavy and sounds a little conspiracy theory-y so here is the cutest thing ever.

Friday, September 26, 2008

WaMu Buy Out

I live catty corner to a WaMu bank. This morning I walk out and see this. I thought "Aw crap. WaMu failed didn't it?." I took this picture at about 10:40a.m. At 1:00p.m. people were still there.

JPMorgan Chase bought there assets for $1.9 Billion from FDIC, said Chicago Tribune.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's almost like I'm a real Journalist.

I wrote an article for my School newspaper. It's right here if anyone wants to read it. I wouldn't mind if you did.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I love cartoons. I'm talking something different from Animation, which I also love. Cartoons are animations specifically made for children to enjoy. A good cartoon makes me feel like I felt when I was a child. That's a good feeling to have on occasion, so some Saturday mornings I just want to sit down and watch what ever comes up. A few Saturdays ago I did. These where some of the worst cartoons I have ever seen.

I feel like I need to repeat myself.

These where some of the worst cartoons I have ever seen.

These where awful, even worse then the commercials for toys everyone seems to like to say they loved. The stories where bad, the animation was bad, the songs where god awful which sounded like they took 5 seconds to write.

I realize that these arguments could be placed on cartoons from my childhood, and ones before that, and before that. But there was some good original cartoons, and there are some made now. But I feel like these where particularity bad.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Some TV I watched the other day

I watched a few shows the other night, to relax before my busy day that is today. Two made me really excited.

Dexter Season premier:
This made me jump with joy. I think I'm starting to understand the people who get excited about shows I don't care about, like Gossip Girl perhaps. This show is essentially the soap opera about a serial killer. It's not really the story, it's the characters that attract me. (Which is essentially the argument for Gossip Girl I believe)

It started by recapping the last season which made me very happy. And they did a good job starting the story and ending on a huge plot point. So excited to start watching this again.

Sons of Anarchy series premier:
This show let me down so much. For the last few months a friend and I have been watching the Sopranos. It's going a little slow, just about done with the first season now. It is an amazing show. I love the characters and the story and the idea of good vs. evil (which doesn't exist) I also love that my friends and I talk about the characters like they are real people.

I wanted Sons of Anarchy to be the Sopranos on motorcycles. I'm sure the creators wanted this too, but they did not deliver at all. The characters seem to be very flat. Everyone is bad except for the main character who wants to get out of the life.

There doesn't seem to be much based on reality story-wise. People let things happen that probably wouldn't happen.

With S of A there is nothing new. The same with Dexter but in a good way.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

History of Food

This class was even better then I could have thought. The only problem, it made me incredibly hungry.

First Day of School!

I just got out of my first class of the semester. Pretty good: Law and Ethics of Journalism. Now I'm waiting for my next class at 2. This is what I'm really excited about. History of Food. This seems right up my ally. I like food; I like history; I like the history of food.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My last few hours of summer.

Tomorrow I start classes again. This is going to be my first semester past my four years normal people go to college. I'm kind of glad this summer is almost over. When I go to classes I feel like I'm at least doing something productive with my time. But this last summer has been the biggest wast of time. Soon I will do stuff and that feels good. Hopefully I will learn new stuff.

Wired is doing something that makes me incredibly excited Storyboard is a blog devoted to complete openness for a story they are writing. It's meant to be an experiment and a nod to the topic, screenwriter and brand knew director Charlie Kaufman, but to me it's a way to learn the workings of a magazine. They will post email conversations, notes, and interviews; anything that gives a little information about the writing of the article. And I get to use it as a way to learn how to be a real journalist. Which is missing from my school teaching.

With these two things, maybe I'll make it.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Follow him on twitter. And while your at it follow me too. Dill9 He's sending updates from New Orleans as he hears things. A real 24 hour reporter type. This is a really interesting way of using Twitter. And a good way to keep track of Hurricane Gustav.

I think that went pretty good.

I'm talking about the interview I had at the cafe. Hopefully soon I'll be doing some of this.

Or maybe this.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Finding a job is hard

This is what I've found out in the last few years. As a student, I don't really have to have a job. It's not life or death. I can not spend money and save my student loans. But I've found out that there is nothing more soul crushing and depressing then not contributing anything to society. So I need to find a job.

But lately I've found out another thing. Finding a job is hard. It's a lot of work. And really depressing work, too. Some people say no and most people don't even say that. My mom (who seems to love anything web 2.0) tells me I should blog about my attempts at getting a job, a la Which is a pretty remarkable blog about a couple who got into deep, deep debt and now want to blog out of it. Oh, the marvels of the internet.

I don't really think this would work. There really isn't much excitement in a post entitled "Sifting through Craigslist again." And I don't see much more then that happening most of the time. But maybe I could just write in this sometimes, and see what happens. At the very least it might make me feel better about doing nothing to better humankind.

I have two dream jobs at the end of two very different dream paths. But I probably could do both, if I really tried hard. One: Barista or Coffee Roaster at local Chicago, coffee shop Metropolis. It's one of the two best cafes in Chicago and my favorite place to drink coffee. Really good coffee, really good atmosphere. Two: Chicago (if at all possible) corespondent to Wired Magazine. I really love reading this magazine. I like the style and the content. And I think I could work well there. I like science, I like science things. I once had to wear a lab coat for a job and miss it so much. Man that was a cool job.

I have some experience in both these fields. I was a Barista for a year at Strawberry Fields, a hippy dippy cafe/food store in Urbana, IL. And I have been going to school for a while for Journalism.

I would need to work up to both jobs. Starting at a smaller cafe and waiting for 8 or so months then talking to people at Metropolis about a job. Or finishing school, working at local newspapers for a while and developing my resume.

Right now, I think I can do both. I can use a cafe job to get myself through college then work as a Journalist for the rest of my life. Maybe down the long line I could open my own cafe. I'm working on both. I just started writing for my college newspaper The Torch and I have an interview with a South Side cafe tomorrow.

So that did make me feel better. Sorry about the long post. I'll go back to putting up pictures of cute things tomorrow. And maybe something about my interview.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think I owe you something cute

These kittens like to dance. Or maybe they are trying to learn how to walk upright like humans. Or they are in a fight to the death and trying to claw each others livers out. What ever it is-it sure is cute.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

I got this game the other day and played it for about 4 hours the other night. I would say this is both a great game and the worst game in the world. It's great: it has an interesting twist on the puzzle game and great RPG qualities. The story is only interesting enough to not skip, but the game is fun.

But it's the worst in the world because it is so fucking frustrating it brings out my Tourette syndrome. My neighbors must be a little scared every time I my guy dies.

I'm not the greatest at puzzle games, but still I shouldn't be dieing so much.

The game has a lot of strategy to it, but it seems like there is one glaring omission that kills it. The pieces fall down randomly and there is no way of knowing what is coming next. It seems like if there was a way of knowing what comes next, the whole board could be used strategically. But those are really my only grips. It's a great game otherwise.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Architecture School

I like free things and sometimes iTunes gives things away for free. This makes me very happy, but I get even happier when I know what is free and when. Thanks to this I know it all.

The other day I saw that a show called Architecture School was starting, and I could download it for free. I did and I watched it and I really enjoyed it. The show fallows an Architecture class as they design houses for use in New Orleans. The best design will be built by the students in the end. What I liked so much was they didn't shy away from criticism from the community. Most people said the houses where ugly. It seems like it's a reality tv show with more reality then tv.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama/Biden 2008

Obama is brilliant really. Hiding who he picked for a running mate turned an ordinary presidential bid into Christmas, full of wonder and excitement. Every news channel, news paper, news feed, news junky were all a flutter over who he wanted for VP. And he was there the whole time to say "I know who . . . but I'm not gonna tell you." (Not an actual quote)

I got into it myself. I spent about 8 hours yesterday on the couch with my twitter feed and my news twitter feed up (with twitter friends: the AP, CNN, Chicago Trib) because I had heard he was going to announce it then. He kind of did, but only after I gave up.

But after an entire week of free publicity, he announces Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Here is an article on the Chicago Tribune website, with a ton of information I couldn't write about unless I wanted to write my own Jayson Blair style memoir. (sorry, just a little journalism joke)

So I am very excited about this, even if I did miss the announcement when it happened.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chirp Chirp

I just got back form my meeting with CHIRP people (CHicago Independent Radio Project). It was a fun time. As I waited for it to get started an old guy on the street asked me if I knew how to make wine. I told him no.

We met in Dank Haus, a historic German building on Western and Lawrence. There were a lot of people there. And we took a big tour of the place. It's going to be the home of the CHIRP internet radio station, so we saw where the station will be, and a ball room, and a bar, and another ball room, and another bar. It looks awesome. Then we went up on the roof/balcony and saw the beautiful view. You can see most of the city from downtown on up North. And Western travails under from horizon to horizon.

All in all it makes me glad I'm a part of it. And hope I will do more.

Just a Little Trouble.

I've been a little down for a while. I don't seem to be doing anything, but I guess that happens every summer when I'm out of school and don't have a job. I'm just kind of stuck in all aspects of my life. I don't have a job so I don't have money so I don't have a social life. Soon it should change but it's just waring down on me significantly lately.

I guess everyone goes through this sometimes. And sitting here complaining about it doesn't help any. I need to go out and do something about it. Which I guess I am. I should be getting a job soon.

I think most of my problem comes from a fear of failure. I don't want to look stupid so I don't do anything. And that goes against what really should happen. We learn by being stupid. And then the whole "You can't win, if you don't play the game" Bla Bla Bla. (Read with sarcastic tone)

I haven't written anything for a while for this very reason. And I have a fear that I can't get back into it. But I'll just have to get over that fear and all my fears and just do something.

This is something I have to write about every few months or else I forget. I'll go back to writing about video games or posting pictures of dogs in dresses tomorrow. I just needed to think about this today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video Games

Two games I have been playing for the PSP.

* Every Extend Extra

* Capcom Classic Collection Remixed

I rented both from GameFly and returned them very quickly. This doesn't mean I didn't like them, I just got over them pretty quickly. EEE was a great shooter/rhythm type game. (although that doesn't really describe the game so well.) There were a few frustrating parts in the auto saving system. A few times I got far in the game and lost it when it didn't actually auto save. It would also be a better game if there were a few more game types. But these are small quibbles that don't take much from the fun game.

To a lot of people, Capcom is a big part of childhood. For me there were very few Capcom games in my early years. That being said I played this game for a while and had fun. It's a collection of a lot of early games. It is fun, but because I don't have the memories, the game didn't mean much to me.

Both are good games, but they didn't hold my attention very long.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well I do apologizes

I once said I would be a better net citizen. Apparently I lied, because I stopped posting things again. There are several things I want to do that would require me being better at writing and posting things online. And really I think the only thing stopping me is my crippling fear of being crappy.

So that's something I need to get over.

Right now I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out how to put my twitter stuff on this blog. If anyone knows how let me know.

So I promise I will update regularly from now on, and keep writing more stuff.