Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video Games

Two games I have been playing for the PSP.

* Every Extend Extra

* Capcom Classic Collection Remixed

I rented both from GameFly and returned them very quickly. This doesn't mean I didn't like them, I just got over them pretty quickly. EEE was a great shooter/rhythm type game. (although that doesn't really describe the game so well.) There were a few frustrating parts in the auto saving system. A few times I got far in the game and lost it when it didn't actually auto save. It would also be a better game if there were a few more game types. But these are small quibbles that don't take much from the fun game.

To a lot of people, Capcom is a big part of childhood. For me there were very few Capcom games in my early years. That being said I played this game for a while and had fun. It's a collection of a lot of early games. It is fun, but because I don't have the memories, the game didn't mean much to me.

Both are good games, but they didn't hold my attention very long.

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