Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I saw this outside my window the other day and felt compelled to photograph it. The building used to be a home for the old, I think. But a few months ago, before it got cold, they tore it down to build some big condos.

People who are bothered by Graffiti tend to explain their feelings with one of two categories. The Broken Window syndrome: in which a broken window left unattended will lead to gradually harsher crimes. There has been scientific research to back up this idea.


Graffiti artists use other people's property as there own canvas.

But, when the building is sitting destroyed for months, what is there to complain about.

The person who owns the building obviously don't care about the original building or they wouldn't try to replace it. And if a broken window leads to other crimes, what would could a broken building lead to?

I guess I'm just making a leap of faith. I have not heard anyone complain about this graffiti, but I'm sure someone dislikes it. This is really just some thoughts running through my mind. And also taking the pictures was an exercise in moving outside of my comfort zone.

Anyone else have thoughts?


Mary B said...

The building owner should care more!

Anonymous said...

yeah they should care more for sure.