Monday, December 01, 2008

World of Goo

This weekend I've been home for Thanksgiving and my Birthday. I've been able to hang out with my younger brother Ellis. The other day, Ellis bought World of Goo for his Wii. He put it pretty well when he said "This is the best game ever!"

Maybe not the "best game ever," but it is Pretty Fucking Close.

In the game, you move these little balls of goo that connect to each other to make structures. The structures need to be strong enough to travel to a pipe that sucks up any extra goo's. It's a really simple idea that is designed really well.

Each level is nicely even. I have yet to hit a level that is so hard it stops being fun, but they're not too easy ether. The writing is great, too. The mysterious sign maker keeps making signs that continue the story line. The signs are funny and self deprecating. And they lovingly poke fun at the gaming community and Internet culture.

My only complaints are really only annoyances that come from this type of game play. There are little fireflies flying around that reverse time to go back a turn; they are incredibly easy to hit accidentally. And sometimes, in the excitement of the game, it is easy to pick up the wrong piece of goo. When the structure of your goo tower is failing, it can be a little frustrating to pick up a water goo when you wanted a green one.

I would like to see more downloadable content from them, with new levels and new goo's. The game is a little quick (I think I have 2 more levels left). But it is fun.

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