Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something Not-So-Cute

(Picture is from here)

Can you believe people actually dress there dogs like this? Look at its face. It's just so ashamed.

Anyway, I was just writing something because I haven't written something in a while. This dog is not so cute. More sad. But I thought I would put it up anyway. Having to much of a break makes me a little rusty.

I had a good Christmas, as I hope everyone who celebrates it did, too. Went to Texas to visit with family. Played some pool and saw a steer and drank some wine. Other things too, but to hard to remember. Fun time.

I've been thinking about some heavy things lately. A few topics to bring up here, but that is for another time. Tonight, I just wanted to touch base and show this dog who may or may not have tried to bite through its own wrists after this picture was taken--just to end the humiliation.

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