Friday, August 29, 2008

Finding a job is hard

This is what I've found out in the last few years. As a student, I don't really have to have a job. It's not life or death. I can not spend money and save my student loans. But I've found out that there is nothing more soul crushing and depressing then not contributing anything to society. So I need to find a job.

But lately I've found out another thing. Finding a job is hard. It's a lot of work. And really depressing work, too. Some people say no and most people don't even say that. My mom (who seems to love anything web 2.0) tells me I should blog about my attempts at getting a job, a la Which is a pretty remarkable blog about a couple who got into deep, deep debt and now want to blog out of it. Oh, the marvels of the internet.

I don't really think this would work. There really isn't much excitement in a post entitled "Sifting through Craigslist again." And I don't see much more then that happening most of the time. But maybe I could just write in this sometimes, and see what happens. At the very least it might make me feel better about doing nothing to better humankind.

I have two dream jobs at the end of two very different dream paths. But I probably could do both, if I really tried hard. One: Barista or Coffee Roaster at local Chicago, coffee shop Metropolis. It's one of the two best cafes in Chicago and my favorite place to drink coffee. Really good coffee, really good atmosphere. Two: Chicago (if at all possible) corespondent to Wired Magazine. I really love reading this magazine. I like the style and the content. And I think I could work well there. I like science, I like science things. I once had to wear a lab coat for a job and miss it so much. Man that was a cool job.

I have some experience in both these fields. I was a Barista for a year at Strawberry Fields, a hippy dippy cafe/food store in Urbana, IL. And I have been going to school for a while for Journalism.

I would need to work up to both jobs. Starting at a smaller cafe and waiting for 8 or so months then talking to people at Metropolis about a job. Or finishing school, working at local newspapers for a while and developing my resume.

Right now, I think I can do both. I can use a cafe job to get myself through college then work as a Journalist for the rest of my life. Maybe down the long line I could open my own cafe. I'm working on both. I just started writing for my college newspaper The Torch and I have an interview with a South Side cafe tomorrow.

So that did make me feel better. Sorry about the long post. I'll go back to putting up pictures of cute things tomorrow. And maybe something about my interview.

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