Friday, October 31, 2008

Zombies and Reality TV

In my small sample of British TV I've been able to digest, I've noticed a recurring theme. It seems the British like there TV with heavy meta aspects. Last year, I think, I watched a bit of a show I can't quite remember about the writers of another show, that I can't quite remember. This week has another meta mini-series, Dead Set. Basically, 28 Days Later if it took place on The Big Brother set.

Zombies and Reality TV, that sounds awesome. The show seems to ask if you want Reality TV stars to be some of the last humans alive in the Zombie apocalypse. It doesn't seem like it.

Over all this show is great. It's scary and jumpy when it when it needs to be. (I've been watching it late at night with the lights off and my stomach hurts from being tensed so much) The only problem I have is the over use of the trendy shaky cam technique. It makes sense in a chase scene but when characters are being develop the camera man with Parkinson's probably shouldn't shoot the scene.

The series only ran for this week and ended today on Halloween. So far I've only watched through the 3rd episode.

The first episode blew me away. And maybe because it was so good, the next two episodes seemed to be like a parody of the show. Not that it was funny, it just didn't hit as completely as the first episode.

I definitely love watching it. And I want more like it.

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