Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama/Biden 2008

Obama is brilliant really. Hiding who he picked for a running mate turned an ordinary presidential bid into Christmas, full of wonder and excitement. Every news channel, news paper, news feed, news junky were all a flutter over who he wanted for VP. And he was there the whole time to say "I know who . . . but I'm not gonna tell you." (Not an actual quote)

I got into it myself. I spent about 8 hours yesterday on the couch with my twitter feed and my news twitter feed up (with twitter friends: the AP, CNN, Chicago Trib) because I had heard he was going to announce it then. He kind of did, but only after I gave up.

But after an entire week of free publicity, he announces Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Here is an article on the Chicago Tribune website, with a ton of information I couldn't write about unless I wanted to write my own Jayson Blair style memoir. (sorry, just a little journalism joke)

So I am very excited about this, even if I did miss the announcement when it happened.

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