Sunday, October 26, 2008

Windy City Comicon

I went to the First annual Windy City Comicon.

I guess Chicago is big enough to have its own Comicon. Why not earlier?

It was fun if not a little small. Seriously, only one guy dressed up like a storm trooper? Does it really count as a Comicon then?

I bought 3 comics for myself for $1 each. I honestly went there not wanting to spend any money but only a $1 for a comic book . . . and I had 3 in my pocket. Sounds like kismet to me. I got one "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD,""The Invincible Iron Man" #153 and "New X-Men" #130.

Keep in mind I know nothing about comics. I didn't grow up reading them or even read them in high school, when a nerd is supposed to come into his own. (Maybe this means I can't call myself a nerd anymore)

All and all, I had fun and I'm glad I could go. Good on Chicago for getting a Comicon and becoming a real city.

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