Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

I got this game the other day and played it for about 4 hours the other night. I would say this is both a great game and the worst game in the world. It's great: it has an interesting twist on the puzzle game and great RPG qualities. The story is only interesting enough to not skip, but the game is fun.

But it's the worst in the world because it is so fucking frustrating it brings out my Tourette syndrome. My neighbors must be a little scared every time I my guy dies.

I'm not the greatest at puzzle games, but still I shouldn't be dieing so much.

The game has a lot of strategy to it, but it seems like there is one glaring omission that kills it. The pieces fall down randomly and there is no way of knowing what is coming next. It seems like if there was a way of knowing what comes next, the whole board could be used strategically. But those are really my only grips. It's a great game otherwise.

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