Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My last few hours of summer.

Tomorrow I start classes again. This is going to be my first semester past my four years normal people go to college. I'm kind of glad this summer is almost over. When I go to classes I feel like I'm at least doing something productive with my time. But this last summer has been the biggest wast of time. Soon I will do stuff and that feels good. Hopefully I will learn new stuff.

Wired is doing something that makes me incredibly excited Storyboard is a blog devoted to complete openness for a story they are writing. It's meant to be an experiment and a nod to the topic, screenwriter and brand knew director Charlie Kaufman, but to me it's a way to learn the workings of a magazine. They will post email conversations, notes, and interviews; anything that gives a little information about the writing of the article. And I get to use it as a way to learn how to be a real journalist. Which is missing from my school teaching.

With these two things, maybe I'll make it.

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