Friday, October 17, 2008

Fat Suit

What is it about famous Black comedians in there 40's, that compels them get into a fat suit for comedy. I watched D.A.G.'s new Comedy Central show, Chocolate News, the other night. I thought it was going to be a humerus African American perspective on the news today. Sort of a Colbert Report only less white.

I was excited for that. And it started out pretty good, with a funny rant about Hip-Hop being dead. But then he brought out the makeup and body prosthetics. Maya Angelou one minute, some old guy the next, a gross rapper after that. Really?

David Alan Grier was funny. Why does he need to make the same noise dive into concrete as Eddy Murphy?

This could have been good, too. It could have extended the Daily Show/Colbert Report hour into an hour and a half Chocolate News/Daily Show/Colbert Report news explostion. Instead Fat Suits.

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