Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally Got Around to Watch a Few Movies

Shaun of the Dead and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Shaun of the Dead is a fantastic film along with a great zombie movie, and also really fucking funny. The best zombie weapon = Shaun's cricket bat. And. um . . . I admit I came close to tears a few times, it has great heart warming moments. Shut up.

Sky Captain, was a movie that came out a while ago, that was completely done in front of a blue screen. A Film Noir . . . remake? (no not a remake, not a spoof) rebirth? (no didn't bring anything back as an art) Really I don't know what to call it, it seems to have been made just so they can say they were able to make a Film Noir in today's world. It was full of clich├ęs, only some on purpose, and started a little slow for my taste. I was actually a little mad for the first ten minutes of the movie. When I hear about a movie set completely made up of computer generated content, I imagine a movie full of amazing, impossible shots, but the beginning is full of shots that would never been in any movie because they were incredibly boring. But then Sky Captain totally redeemed it's self. One word "Gigantic, Metal, Robots."From then on it was a good movie, not a great movie, but . . . well . . . I wouln't buy it.

But it brought up one question for me. The movie is full of 1950's, fake, cool looking, technology from the 21ST CENTURY. My question is: Where the hell is my Hundred Foot Killer Robot? Where's my Ray Gun? Where's my freakin' Personal Jet Pack? We live in the 21'st century now. Why arn't we living on the moon, rapped in cellophane and plastic covering our crotches, with a gold fish bowl on our heads? That's all I want. Come on people lets get it together and get to where we are supposed to be.

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mary said...

this made me laugh. We used to say, " the year 2000..." all the time. As in, "In the year 2000, people will be so intelligent that their heads will be really big and they won't need hair anymore." And it seemed so abstract--surely nothing I would live to see. But, here I am..and I still have my hair.