Monday, December 11, 2006

Idiots, and Muppets - or My Saturday Night!

Well no, not really. My saturday nights are generally filled with me pretending to get homework done, surfing random websites, and drinking good beer until I fall asleep. At least I drink good beer. But I digress, these are just a few shows I have been really enjoying lately.

I'll go in revers order from the title.

Muppets: "Well it's not quite a mop, not quite a puppet, but man. . . So, to answer your question, I don't know." -Homer Simpson (I don't know if that is completely accurate, so screw you)
Basically dotBoom, is my new favorite podcast. Well technically it is more of a online sitcom you can watch as a podcast for free. . . with muppets.

The story follows a web design firm, and the crap everyone has to deal with. . . with muppets. I really like muppets, I like saying muppets, but I like this show for more then just the muppets. You can tell the people who make this every week have been in the exact situations. It really comes out in the writing, which is hilarious. The charters are varying, and funny, and cute. They have stories you really care about, which really separates it from most sitcoms.

The design is professional. The intro and credits are fun to watch and they, especially the credits, have a style not used much. They make many mistakes in the production. Sometimes you can hear a dog bark for no reason, the green screen goes over the charters a bit, and a few times was just completely missing. These mistakes make the show more human to watch, as opposed to the lifeless comedies on tv. And really you just got to remember, there doing this for free.

This is what I have been looking for as long as I have been downloading podcasts. They have been great for news, and some have been funny, but I haven't found any that replace the half hour situation comedies. Now there is dotBoom. Now there are muppets.

Idiots: Stella was a show on Comedy Central a while ago. I thought it was very funny since seeing the pilot, which I got from in some magazine, but missed most of it when it was on air. It got canceled, like most great shows. But now they have the DVD out. The other day I decided to pick it up and watch it. It was fantastic, my favorite episodes are still the pilot and also "Coffee Shop," and the commentary from the three Stella guys are great. The extras are things like "The History of STELLA" and a blooper reel. I wish there was a little more but there's not much I can do about that. I would recommend it to anyone who liked the show, or anyone who likes un-categorizable comedy.

Writing a review for the show is hard, because I can't really explain what it is actually about. It is incredibly easy to laugh at it, but it is also incredibly complex. It has it's own style, but shows homage to all the great comedians ever since laughter evolved. And you start to care a lot about the three guys, even though they are huge dicks. I guess this is why I like it so much. There is almost no correlation between any of the jokes unless you look at the the show as a whole.

It's a great show that I like a lot, but if you don't think it's funny, you would hate it. Try to watch a few episodes before you buy the DVD, to make sure you don't wast your money on something you don't like.

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