Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've been PSPeed on

I have had a PSP for awhile now, yes I fell into the huge hype that was the PSP launch. I saw the beautiful screen, wifi enabling, and movie and music compatibility; combined with the promise of good PlayStation games and flash memory for storage, in a cool looking portable. I flipped the fuck out. But after the initial drooling and epileptic fits, due to too much excitement, and actually using it to play games, I realized it um . . . sucks. The games are terrible (I was hoping Final Fantasy or some other great games would be ported, but nope), the movies cost about the same as a DVD but with no extras, and downloads . . . what downloads.

Now I have heard that there is a reason for the crapyness. Apparently, PlayStation is waiting for the release of the PS3 to give the promised applications. This confuses me, the DS, is supposedly going to have functionality with the Wii, but it survives on its own as a great hand held.

So this rambling is going somewhere, I'm not just a year behind all of the internet. I just wanted to talk about the one game I have seen that has done everything right, so far. I have only been able to play the downloadable Loco Roco demoes, yes the one instance were you can download a demo. They released a demo and a special Halloween level, both great. It has great game play and an interesting and fun story. It has difficult areas, but not so hard as to stop being fun. I can't wait to play the full game, and actually using the PSP with out wanted to throw it.

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