Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is Hard to Watch, But Eveyone Should See It.

Seeing this makes me sick, but it also shows me where we are going in this world. A huge question of any society has always been, Who polices the police? The answer has always been, the citizens, but until now it has basically been a losing battle. As much as people, me included, make fun of the internet and most modern technology, their has been some amazing achievements. Before this huge rush of technological advances, fuck even 10 years ago, an incident like the above would have been impossible to prove. Now I bet 80% of those students had camera phones or blogs or something, and within the hour they were posting this story. This shows the goodness, and true reason for, this technology, and I am happy it is being used.

Hopefully soon these cops are put in jail, where they belong.

This article has more information.

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