Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Think I got my gaming libido back

The other day, WTF came in my mail. Holy Crap this is a good game. It brought my love of video games back. It's funny. It's entertaining to play. It's causing horribly panful repetitive motion syndrome in my thumbs.

WTF: Work Time Fun is full of mini games similar Wario Ware, (witch is one of my favorite game franchises) but unlike Wario Ware they are basically never-ending. For most of the games, you get paid for the length of time you spend, and then you use the money to buy new "Jobs," "Tools," and "Trinkets" out of vending machines.

This is probably the major problem. You can buy new jobs, but I havn't found a way to non-randomly pick them to play. Thats kind of pissing me off. But it's still a great game and making me not hate my PSP.

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