Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sense of the City: In Search of a Job

[I'm changing up my column a bit. No longer being in the city I can no longer write about city life. So I'll try to write about my job hunt, including tips from professionals who found their dream job and career counselors who help others find theirs.]

This oppressive heat is beating me down. It's getting to be that I can't leave the house. Even the cool respite brought on by the storm does nothing. But the heat is not the only thing that feels like it is breaking me. A job search is full of rejection and living at home can feel like failing.

I've been looking for a reporter position at a small town newspaper, anywhere in the world, for a few months now. Eventually I keep telling myself, I'll make my way back to the big city. But first I need to get to that starting position. One small paper in New York told me they received over 400 resumes.

Many people are going through this same problem in every job market. More people with better experience are fighting for fewer jobs. And the grind of sending resumes, fielding phone calls, going to interviews can be a bit much.

I was supposed to be the one who got the job quickly. I have the right work ethic and some skill in reporting. All my teachers told me I would go far, and I feel like I've failed them. But I guess everyone else is going through the same thing, I know at least 400 of them are.

I suppose this is not the right time to focus on negativity. Negativity breads more negativity, and soon you're swirling through a void of depression and self-doubt. Then, not only are you full of these bad feelings, but you're not getting any work done.

It's easy to fall prey to these feelings in this heat, sweat pours down your back and the sun bakes your brain inside your head. But we can't let it win. What's the point in sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. Instead we can strive for something better, whether in the community or in ourselves.

I know there are people reading this who are going through similar situations. I would like to hear from you. Tell me your story and your techniques, and maybe I can pass it along and help other people, too.

Dylan Heath grew up in White Heath. He just graduated and is searching for a job in Journalism. He can be reached at

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Chitownmez said...

Here's my little amazing/wierd anecdote:

I've been searching for a full-time job for over 2 years. I thought that's what I was supposed to do in order to become an "adult". The doors weren't able to be slammed in my face bc they weren't opening to begin with. My best friend noted that A) I was starting to make money singing again and that B) maybe a full-time job wouldn't fit me anymore. Why not search for a part-time job and see how that would work along with my singing? I hadn't even considered it before.

The first day I started searching/applying for a part-time job, I got it...and I've been here almost a month at a place that I love, that is exactly where I'm supposed to be. I have amazing bosses who are appreciative and treat me like an adult. It's the most amazing experience I've ever had working.

So, to you I say these things: A) Open your mind to other possibilities that might not have occured to you in the most obvious sense. Now, here's the most important - B) You want a city job, right? Then go for it. Stop wasting time applying to those dinky little papers. Apply to your dream jobs. You said it yourself, you have the work ethic and the skill. No one can doubt that. You've got the clips. I know this. So just do it. I have faith in you.