Friday, July 06, 2007

Citizen Internet

I've been thinking a lot about the internet, lately. I'm not such a good citizen of the internet. That is what I have come up with, that I'm not a good citizen of the internet. Right. I am a consumer of the internet. I read but I don't digg anything. I feel afraid of facebook and the like.

This is going to change. I'll be more of a producer from now on.

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mary said...

Good idea. I'll be glad to read more of your postings. But also, I think creating content isn't necessarily being a good or bad internet citizen. Creating (or commenting on) thoughtful content is. It's a fine line, too, between waiting til you have something to say, and waiting til you have the perfect thing to say that everyone will think is wonderful--or at least that everyone is talking about. I think the internet is very seductive, especially the idea that someone with good connections will pick up my blog and suddenly thousands of people will be talking about me. There's something to be said for quietly writing because you're a writer and it feels right--whether or not people read it.'s always fun to discover a quiet blog. (oh. i forgot. you hate that word.)