Friday, April 20, 2007

It's too late

Found an amazing TV show today. UFO--a BBC SciFi show from the 70's--full of over sexualized characters, uncomfortable jumpsuits. questionable scientific understanding, and big push buttons. (Thats what are technology needs today, big push buttons) Yep this is definitely from the 70's. Beyond the campy-ness, there's little more. No more or less intelligent then any other bad SciFi. If you have access to UFO I would encourage you to watch it, but don't seek it out. I've only seen the first episode, maybe I'll be pleasantly suppressed.

Oh yeah, the music is pretty sweet. Very fitting. And the models are surprisingly good.

In researching this show I stumbled upon this website. My Science Fiction Life: The story of science fiction in Britain. It just peaked my interest. Do the English like Science Fiction more then Americans? Is it more ingrained in there culture?


I watched this movie last week. A brilliant premise with a brilliant movie by Rodriguez, followed by brilliant mock-trailers, followed by complete crap by Terinteno. Rodriguez followed the exploitation grindhouse zombie movie perfectly, and Terinteno gets off from his own ideas. Any redeeming qualities--mostly Kurt Russell--was completely ruined by Terinteno trying to be, um, something. Thats all I have to say.

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